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Easter Gifts

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1 LB All Nut Egg
1 LB All Nut Egg

      Our Price: $17.00
      Buy Now
A delicious blend of milk chocolate and freshly roasted cashews, walnuts, almonds, pecans and Brazil nuts.
1 LB Butter Cream Egg
1 LB Butter Cream Egg

      Our Price: $17.00
      Buy Now
Traditional butter cream center covered with smooth milk chocolate.
1 LB Cappuccino Meltaway Egg
1 LB Cappuccino Meltaway Egg

      Our Price: $17.00
      Buy Now
A rich, creamy center flavored with the delicious taste of Italian coffee covered in milk chocolate.
1 LB Cashew Meltaway Egg
1 LB Cashew Meltaway Egg

      Our Price: $17.00
      Buy Now
Fresh roasted cashews in a rich meltaway center covered in pure milk chocolate.
1 LB Coconut Egg
1 LB Coconut Egg

      Our Price: $17.00
      Buy Now
Luscious milk chocolate filled with a mounds-type coconut center.
1 LB Fruit And Nut Egg
1 LB Fruit And Nut Egg

      Our Price: $17.00
      Buy Now
Cherries, pineapple and English walnuts in a creamy vanilla fondant center.
1 LB Maple Nut Egg
1 LB Maple Nut Egg

      Our Price: $17.00
      Buy Now
Smooth milk chocolate filled with plenty of English walnuts and pure maple fondant. Simply superb.
1 LB Toasted Coconut Meltaway Egg
1 LB Toasted Coconut Meltaway Egg

      Our Price: $17.00
      Buy Now
Chocolate and coconut are a classic duo, but we've taken them to a new level this Easter. We took our silky-smooth milk chocolate meltaway center and folded in mounds upon mounds of lightly sweetened, toasted and crisped coconut and tucked it beneath a thick layer of our rich milk chocolate. The result is layers of flavor reminiscent of our coconut clusters, on a much grander scale.
12 Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Oreo Cookies
12 Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Oreo Cookies

      Our Price: $21.00
      Buy Now
America's favorite cookie meets The Easter Bunny. What a perfect combination. Our adorable hand dipped and hand decorated chocolate covered Oreo cookies come individually wrapped. Choose milk or white chocolate. Oreo Cookies are a registered trademark of Nabisco Corp.
12 Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs Boxed
12 Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs Boxed

      Our Price: $18.50
      Buy Now
12 Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs Boxed, 17oz Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter filled Eggs with real peanut butter (the best). Foiled in Easter and Spring colors. Packaged in a Candy Box with Spring color ribbon. Wonderful Easter, Spring or Office Gift.