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Valentine's Day Gifts

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1 Lb Black/Red Hearts Milk And Dark Chocolates
1 Lb Black/Red Hearts Milk And Dark Chocolates

      Our Price: $29.50
      Buy Now
1 Lb Black with Red Hearts box of Chocolates.
10 Pieces Of Gem's Seasonal Specialties
10 Pieces Of Gem's Seasonal Specialties

      Our Price: $24.00
      Buy Now
Enjoy 10 pieces of delicious, handmade chocolates selected from our vast collection. Flavors change seasonally due to availability of fresh ingredients.
10 Xox Love Cake Pops
10 Xox Love Cake Pops

      Our Price: $39.50
      Buy Now
Our delicious gourmet Cake Pops are hand-Dipped in Milk, Dark and White Belgian chocolates. These delicious gourmet masterpieces are artfully decorated in our signature red confection drizzle, and then topped with our xox themed Candies. Each Cake Pop is individually wrapped for ultimate freshness. An ideal gift for a family-member, friend, or business associate. Your gift contains three cake flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Velvet. It's truly an intimate chocolate experience.
12 Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts Boxed
12 Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts Boxed

      Our Price: $18.50
      Buy Now
12 Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts Boxed, 17oz Milk Chocolate with the Best Peanut Butter that makes a wonderful Heart for your special someone. The 12 Hearts are put into a Candy Box with red and white ribbon. Great Valentine, Mother's Day, Sweetest Day, or Anytime Gift.
12 Piece Valentine Collection
12 Piece Valentine Collection

      Our Price: $24.00
      Buy Now
Our new valentine collection of indescribably delicious chocolates topped with four unique holiday designs will delight your love. This all-dark chocolate selection includes, Omega (olive oil & Fleur de Sel), Meyer Lemon infused olive oil, Creme Fraiche ganache and Calvados (apple brandy).
12 Red Velvet Truffles
12 Red Velvet Truffles

      Our Price: $29.50
      Buy Now
This is the fan favorite! Everyone absolutely loved our red velvet truffles! These exquisite bite-sized desserts make the perfect gift to family and friends, or even a gift to yourself! Order your box today!
12 Truffle Variety Box
12 Truffle Variety Box

      Our Price: $29.50
      Buy Now
There is something about the nature of truffles that can hypnotize. From the succulent aroma to the decedent flavor explosion, each bite allows you to taste the slow pour of rich dark chocolate over moist cake, fusing them into one mouth-sized symphony. Truffles are our passion. We make them in small batches with quality ingredients resulting in our sinfully delicious spheres of hand-crafted perfection. This gift brings 12 truffles, allowing you the opportunity to taste each one of our exquisite flavors.
16 Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies Gift Box
16 Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies Gift Box

      Our Price: $30.00
      Buy Now
16 Valentine's Day Milk Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies Gift
2014 Valentine Gift Box Biscotti W/ Imported Chocolate
2014 Valentine Gift Box Biscotti W/ Imported Chocolate

      Our Price: $39.50
      Buy Now
Valentine Gift Box Artisan Cookie Biscotti with 65% Dark Chocolate. 12 pieces.
3 Milk Chocolate Hearts In Cello
3 Milk Chocolate Hearts In Cello

      Our Price: $3.00
      Buy Now
You have 3 .80oz of Milk Chocolate Hearts foiled in Red then placed in a cello bag with silk ribbon. Great for Valentine Day, Sweetest Day, or Mother's Day gift and favors