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Mother's Day Gifts

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24 Piece Seasonal Assortment
24 Piece Seasonal Assortment

      Our Price: $32.50
      Buy Now
Dolce Bella's seasonal assortment will bring you a balance of white, milk, caramel and dark chocolate centers in beautiful hand-molded shells. The assortment is ever changing, with some of the ingredients coming from our own garden. Meyer lemon, mint, rosemary, lavender, and raspberry are examples of ingredients coming from our winter into summer garden, while caramel, Tahitian vanilla, passion fruit and deep dark chocolate may be included year-round. Packaged in a black/grey pinstripe box with burgandy ribbon and silk flowers in the spring and summer, berries in the fall and winter.
Baby Carriage Chocolate Lollipop Gift
Baby Carriage Chocolate Lollipop Gift

      Our Price: $46.00
      Buy Now
Its a Boy Ceramic Baby Carriage Music Planter. Filled with our rich and creamy milk and white chocolates. Music planter measures 7 x 3.75 x 3.5. Brahms Lullaby, turns on or off.
Caramel Corn Tall Canister
Caramel Corn Tall Canister

      Our Price: $18.50
      Buy Now
Rich and sweet, just like it should be! Our freshly popped popcorn is enrobed with rich, buttery caramel and made with real butter, sugar and tons of whole glazed nuts - almonds, cashews and pecans. Artisan crafted in small batches with premium natural ingredients, you can taste the quality in this caramel corn from the first bite.
Chocolate Flowers Assortment
Chocolate Flowers Assortment

      Our Price: $51.00
      Buy Now
Delicious 18 Piece Spring Chocolate Floral Assortment. Chocolate Sunflowers, Daisies, Daffodils nestled inside a cosy spring container. Containers may vary from what is seen here. Flavors of flowers our rich white chocolates lemon, raspberry, orange sicle and vanilla. chocolate.
Chocolate Fruit And Flowers Gift Basket
Chocolate Fruit And Flowers Gift Basket

      Our Price: $49.00
      Buy Now
Fruits and Flowers shaped chocolates. Assorted fruit and flower shapes are a Fun colorful, tasty 18 piece delight. Container may vary from what is seen here.
Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Lemon Truffles
Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Lemon Truffles

      Our Price: $85.50
      Buy Now
Please order at least 2 business days in advance of ship date. Enjoy the taste of fresh lemons, and premium chocolate all enclosed in a lovely molded truffle. Lemon ganache filling contains fresh lemon, cream, and white chocolate. The filling is enrobed in a perfectly tempered 72% bittersweet chocolate. Our white chocolate (in the filling) is of premium quality, it does not contain powdered milk or vegetable oil, and is not overly sweet. These truffles are shipped bulk in brown candy cups and packed into plain boxes for shipping. Please order at least 2 business days in advance of shipping date. Keep in a cool place if using within a day or two, otherwise refrigerate up to 16 days. Always serve at room temperature. Each truffle weighs approx. .48 oz.
Dry Fruit Garden
Dry Fruit Garden

      Our Price: $75.00
      Buy Now
Chocolate, Dried Fruit Wicker Gift Basket
Father's Day Golf Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies
Father's Day Golf Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

      Our Price: $12.50
      Buy Now
Assorted Chocolate Dipped and Decorated Fortune Cookies. Choose Standard Mother's Day Fortunes or Personalize your own Fortunes.
Fine Gift Boxes Of Artisan Ganaches Whiskey
Fine Gift Boxes Of Artisan Ganaches Whiskey

      Our Price: $18.50
      Buy Now
2 Gift Boxes of Artisan Dark Chocolates Ganaches mixed with fine liquors. 70% cacao, 100% pure cacao butter & all natural ingredients: Whiskey .
French Praline Rochers Creamy Milk Chocolate W Hazelnut
French Praline Rochers  Creamy Milk Chocolate W Hazelnut

      Our Price: $20.00
      Buy Now
Rochers- Fine artisan French chocolate praline in soft and creamy milk chocolate. Elegant gift box with luxury Christmas ribbon.