The "I Send You..." notes began several years ago as Jerome and Lexi sent motivational emails to each other.
Below you will see a new "I Send You" every day. These are from the original list sent by these incredible people.
You are welcome to copy and use them or we encourage you to create your own.
If you would like to see them all, visit
I send you…a shared moment of my stepping outside to experience the droplets of fresh spring rain on my face.

I send you the best of who I am today.

The easiest way to encourage others is to simply write a note and send it via one of the many vehicles afforded us today!

Whether you take the time to hand write a letter, mail a preprinted card, create an inspirational email or send a text... everyone loves a personal gift sent specifically to them.
Take the time to create something that is unique, positive and will make that special person smile.
Tell that incredible individual that they are important to you and to the world.
No matter how you make it happen... just do it.

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Send positive thoughts to brighten the day.

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