Small Things That Improve My Identity

Small Things That Improve My Identity


These days, teenagers and adults alike are bombarded with images of what they think they are supposed to be. Keeping up with all of it can make it difficult for us to establish a sense of identity and individuality. However, there are a few simple things that everyone can do to help remember who they truly are when nobody else is looking.


One of the easiest ways to get back in touch with your true self is to keep a journal. Many people do not even know what it is they truly think and feel about things until they read their writing back. Instead of focusing on a particular topic, just spend ten minutes writing down the first things that come to mind. It can provide excellent insight into thoughts that have been hiding just below the surface for some time.


Another great exercise for getting in touch with your inner feelings is taking on a volunteer project. Many of us are so busy that we cannot imagine finding time for another activity, so it can be interesting to see to what we are actually willing to lend our spare time. Not only do people who volunteer learn something about themselves, but they get the satisfaction of knowing that they are doing something to improve another life.


As children, our parents sign us up for an array of classes or sports teams to help us figure out what our interests are and what it is that will make us special. As adults, we often lose sight of these things, but it is possible to recapture them. Try taking up a new hobby or learning something new. Having a new skill will make you feel special and individualistic, giving you something more to chat with people about than your daily work grind.


Sometimes, the things that make us special have little to do with us personally and more to do with our histories. When people start to feel as if they are cut from the same cloth as everyone around them, they should spend time researching their family tree. They may learn fascinating things that they never knew about their own families and may gain valuable insight into why they think and feel the way they do about a number of things.


As we get older, it becomes easy for us to convince ourselves that we have nothing in common with the people who knew us when we were younger. However, these people can often provide a priceless window into who we were before we were so heavily influenced by the outside world. Try spending some quality time with parents and siblings, or go online and look up a classmate that you have not heard from in many years.


Losing a sense of identity can be a terrible thing for someone to experience, but there are certainly solutions to be had. Keeping track of innermost thoughts and feelings through a journal can provide valuable insight into a person’s value system and core beliefs. Try getting back in touch with your history my completing a family tree or spending time with a childhood friend. It can help you remember who you were before you were influenced by the modern world.