Healthy Snacks for All Ages

We all love to munch on tasty treats throughout the day, but many of the things we love are the main contributors to the obesity rate in this country. There has to be better alternatives that will allow you to satisfy that craving but not add inches to the waistline and pounds on the scale. Here are just a few things you can enjoy without the risk of gaining weight.


Believe it or not, you can have your cake and eat it too! However, not just any cake will do. In order to avoid things such as fat and sugar, you are going to have to start reading some labels. There are quite a few tasty cake mixes that will enable you to satisfy your sweet tooth and not add significant calories to your diet. Instead of icing, take some fresh fruit, throw it in the blender and then top the cake with both the puree and sliced fruit.


Popcorn in and of itself can be a healthy snack, but most people drown it in butter and counter the health benefits of eating the popcorn. If you like spicy food, sprinkle it with some chili powder or Slap Ya Mama and you will be pleasantly surprised. In addition, the spice will help to increase your metabolism and promote weight loss!


Yogurt and fruit is a common morning snack, but most people do not realize that even if the yogurt is fat free, that it may not be as healthy as you think it is. Most recommendations for sugar intake on a daily basis are about 44 grams per day. One small yogurt can have as much as 12 grams of sugar per serving, if not more than this! Again, take the time to read the labels and find a fat free, and sugar free, yogurt to use as your dipping sauce for the fruit.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples are great, but sometimes you need something just a little bit more to satisfy that craving. Cut your apple in half, core it, and then sprinkle some brown sugar and cinnamon on it, then throw it in the oven to brown. A teaspoon of brown sugar will only count as 4g against your daily intake. For the flavor it adds to this dish, it is well worth dedicating a small portion of your sugar allotment for the day.


We have all been lectured about how healthy raw veggies are for our diet. However, many of these fresh vegetables need a little punch before we are willing to give them snack status. Get creative and marinate them in balsamic vinegar and a little all spice. Either make your own humus or buy a quality brand, and now you have a very tasty and extremely healthy snack to enjoy at any time!


As you can see, by just adding a few ingredients that are more than likely already in your pantry, you can take something bland and really give it some punch. Worst-case scenario, you try something and find that you do not like it. Cross it off the list and just move on to the next item. Eventually, you will find some snacks that used to make your nose crinkle will now make your mouth water.