Great Sight: Exercises for the Eyes

Great Sight: Exercises for the Eyes


In the same way that we must exercise our cardiovascular system and muscles in order to keep the body working at its best, it is also a good idea to perform regular exercises for the eyes. Though it may not be something that you have heard of, there are actually many benefits that come with partaking. Performing eye exercises will help minimize the strain that is placed on them in order to minimize deterioration and allow for the best possible eyesight all day long.


A great exercise to begin with requires only your hands. Sit down somewhere comfortable and stable and rub the hands together until they are warm. Closing the eyes, lightly place cupped palms over them. Do not place pressure on the eyeballs or cover the nose, but allow no light to enter the eyes. Think of a distant, pleasant sight and wait until nothing but blackness can be seen. Then, remove the hands and repeat for three minutes.


Believe it or not, it is also recommended that one should massage the eyes regularly. First, close the eyes and alternate between pressing a hot compress and a cold compress on the eye area. Do so as many times as desired, but always end with a cold compress. Then, close the eyes and, with washed hands, gently massage the eyelids in circular motions for one to two minutes. It also helps to massage the rest of the face, including the brow bone.


Then, simply squeeze the eyelids shut very tightly for three to five seconds, then open them for three to five seconds. Repeat this action several times. After that, relax the eyes for a moment. Then close them again and press lightly against the upper area of the eyelids with three fingers for two seconds. Release for a few seconds, and then repeat the motion. Five repetitions of this exercise will be sufficient.


Open the eyes and give them a moment to relax. Then, roll the eyes in a circle clockwise in the maximum range of motion. After one full circle, blink, and then do the same in the counter-clockwise direction. Repeat each direction five times. Then relax and focus on the closest wall. Without moving the head or neck at all, move the eyeballs to trace the letters of the alphabet on this wall. Practice with letters of various sizes.


Choose an object about 150 feet away and an object about 30 feet or less away. Look at the distant object and focus on it for about fifteen seconds. Then, slowly refocus the eyes on the closer object and focus for another fifteen seconds. Switch the focus between objects five times. Be sure to switch the focus without moving the head; simply cause the items to go in and out of focus by using the eye muscles.


A person can reap many benefits from doing eye exercises. Those who perform them regularly will experience a consistency in their vision and their eyes will not be as sensitive. In addition, their vision is less likely to deteriorate over time. However, it is much more important to do these exercises regularly than to do them for longer sessions. Blinking or covering the eyes with the palms can help any time the eyes are feeling strained.