Life Lessons That Make Me Smile

Life Lessons That Make Me Smile


By the time most of us are teenagers, we think we have already learned all of the life lessons that we will ever need. However, once we get a little bit older, we realize how much we still have to learn. Those of us who are truly lucky are learning life lessons every day and applying them to improve our quality of life. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to learn a few that still make me smile.


When we are younger, many of us tend to lament over every little thing that goes wrong, telling ourselves that it is not fair or is not supposed to be that way. Over the years, I have learned that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. Even when this does not seem to be the truth, a bit of time and patience usually ends up proving that everything happens for a reason and that things work out the way they should.


When I was in my early twenties, I had many, many friends that I spent time with on a regular basis. However, as I got older, I learned, as many of us do, that we are truly lucky if we have just a handful of friends that we can count on. When it comes to personal relationships, we learn that the goal should always be to establish quality rather than quantity.


Many people, even as adults, find themselves getting nervous when it comes to asking for the things that they want or need. Once they finally take the plunge, however, they learn the important lesson that if you ask, you will usually receive. Over time, we learn that we cannot expect the people in our lives to be mind readers. We learn to advocate for ourselves and directly ask for the things that matter most to us.


As kids and young adults, many people are inclined to take the easiest way out of any situation. As the years go by, though, we really do learn the value of hard work and see that it does pay off. Not only do we eliminate the risk of having to do something twice because we took a short cut the first time, but we earn the priceless respect of the people around us.


By the time we reach adulthood, most of us have learned that hindsight is truly twenty-twenty. Although this may seem like a bittersweet lesson to learn, it is easy to look at it from a fresh and positive perspective. We may not be able to stop ourselves from making mistakes the first time around, but our perfect hindsight can certainly help us from making them again if only we are paying attention.


The sad thing about life lessons is that we often have to go through some tough times in order to truly learn them. Once we have, however, we can look back with a smile and enjoy the fact that we are a bit wiser and much better off for the experience. We may not know these things on our first pass through, but we can use the experience to build brighter futures.