How Do I Know What Inspires Me?

Inspiration is one of the key components of a fulfilling life because it encourages us to keep growing as individuals and community members. However, for some people, sources of inspiration are so few and far between that they do not even remember what it is that truly inspires them. Instead of letting a valuable source of inspiration fly under the radar, keep these telltale signs in mind. They are excellent indicators that you might be on to something important.


The first sign that something is a true inspiration is that it will be an immediate attention grabber. Many of us are very wrapped up in our jobs, families, and personal lives, so we often fail to notice the little things that are going on around us. Even if something seems small, the fact that we notice it at all is often a sign that it may be a big deal. Make a note of it and be sure to give it more attention when things are not quite so hectic.


One of the most important signs of an inspirational idea is that it can become a near obsession. When we learn something new or see something exciting and cannot stop thinking about it, there might be a reason. These are the things that we should dedicate our time and energy to exploring further. In such a fast paced society, we tend to forget more things than we even realize, so something that hangs on in the back of your mind is certainly worth giving a second look.


Another indicator of something truly inspiration is that it will inspire people to do something, whether it is to take on a new project or simply learn more about a subject. Many of us are so busy that we convince ourselves we do not have time for any new projects. When something comes along and really inspires us, we suddenly realize that we have much more free time than we realized. We are willing to make accommodations in order to pursue this new passion.


When something really inspires us, we have a tendency to want to share it with others. Most inspirational ideas are only really worth anything if we pay them forward. If an idea or image comes along out of the blue and we find ourselves mentioning it to everyone we speak with, it is a sure sign that we have been truly inspired. These are the things that we should examine in greater detail and try to incorporate into our daily routines.


Inspiration tends to have a snowball effect and the best sources always spark new ideas. If you see a particular photograph or experience a special moment, it may help you to realize that there is something new you have wanted to try. This means that the influence was a true inspiration and should not be brushed off as a chance happening.


When life gets crazy, inspiration can certainly become difficult to come by. However, some of us are so caught up in the daily races that we do not notice true inspiration when it crosses our paths. Keep these key indicators in mind and do not let another truly inspirational moment go unnoticed.