Keys to Financial Inspiration

Keys to Financial Inspiration


What is it that makes you want to gain financial independence? What drives you to want to make more money and be able to have the life that you want? How much is enough? When do you stop and start to enjoy the success that you have earned? These answers are different for everyone, but I thought I would share my keys to financial inspiration in an effort to guide you to find yours.


Creating Stability

Nobody wants to need their next paycheck in order to be able to pay their bills. This key in particular is what drove me to become successful in everything I did. I wanted and needed to be able to create enough income that would allow me to get through rough patches if they were to ever come. I wanted to know my bills were paid regardless of that next paycheck coming or not.



We all have a certain lifestyle that we would like to maintain and without the proper finances, this cannot happen. Some people continue to want more, whereas my lifestyle does not require millions of dollars of "things" to be happy. However, there are certain things that I enjoy and that I want that make me happy. It could be something as simple as a new racing bike or weekend trip to the shore.



In addition to taking care of my family while I am on this earth, I also want to be able to leave them in a position where they do not have to struggle after I am gone. Ideally, we live a long and prosperous life, but we all know anything can happen at any given time. This drives me to succeed financially now so I have everything in place as soon as possible. The sooner my finances are in shape, the less I have to worry about in my "golden" years.


How to Create Your Own Financial Success

So how do you go about making this happen? You have to make the decision to do without early on and give up that lifestyle you want in order to have it later. As everyone starts out, their earning potential is at its lowest, but they spend as if they are a rock star and accumulate massive debt. Keeping life simple early on will allow you to live within your means as your earning potential grows.


You also have to make smart decisions regarding investments. Do not fall for every get rich quick scheme you hear about. Do your due diligence to investigate and only invest in things that you think will have a positive return. Again, not all things are guaranteed, but taking the time to really look into something will often give you that cooling down period to allow you to decide if this is a real opportunity or one that will literally have you flushing your money down the drain.


It is important to look at you life as you grow to decide what is important to you. What do you really want out of life? Put it down on paper and then write out your game plan to achieve these goals. It may take some adjusting along the way, but that is okay. The important thing is to stay focused and achieve those goals. Do not become discouraged or accept defeat, keep moving forward and you will get what you want out of life.