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An Incredible Author

Taking a quiet sideways glance at life, Marlene offers insight through her words. She finds practical spirituality around every corner and seeks wisdom through observation of life's inter-relationships. Sometimes playful, sometimes poignant and always thought-provoking.
...experience life observations with Marlene

Peaces... an integrated life.

We all lead active and busy lives these days. Some of us are corporate executives, physicians, support staff, stay home parents and maybe even retired or unemployed. From all walks of life we continue to search for resources that inspire or motivate us.

Whether we fill our time with work, family, fun, excitement or great adventure there are times that we forget to pursue quality for our lives. Quality comes in many forms. It may be finding special time to spend with a child or partner. It could be giving a small unexpected gift to a co-worker.

Sometimes it is fulfilling the need to gain more knowledge or education toward advancement. Quality is personal and unique to each of us. Quality of life is the combination of discovering our gifts, feeding them with resources and living the pursuit of the best of who we are. Those whose life is of quality tend to find balance or peace in all of their relationships whether it be career, family, friends or spiritual in nature.

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Most of us lead busy lives and rarely find time to pursue our hobbies, interests, and other meaningful activities. Managing time can be the single biggest constraint in making it all happen. Most of us dream of finding and experiencing our interests, but rarely find the time to engage or pursue each activity. Enriching our lives with the help of quality products and resources is an important step towards reaching our specific goals. Whether it is gaining more knowledge or using personal tools to achieve something much bigger, we have to make a conscious effort to do so.
Simple things such as spending time with family and involving ourselves with activities we love can bring a lot of fun and excitement in our life. Leading an integrated balanced life means enriching our lives with positive experiences and we can do so by simply observing the things that are happening around us. Being receptive is very important as it will open up new opportunities and we will begin looking at things from a totally different perspective.
Motivational videos and books can help a great deal. There are a number of quality products such as motivational and inspirational articles that are available at Peaces. These are ideal reading material and you can gain a lot of useful tips for our everyday lives. We can also find resources on spirituality, career, family, friends etc. These tools will help us find balance and peace.
It has been our constant endeavor to find products and resources that will help motivate us or inspire us to lead better quality lives. A search of Peaces will prove to be very useful, as there are thousands of resources that can help lead an integrated life and remain successful in what we do.