10 Things For Healthy Living

So, you want to live a healthy lifestyle but are not sure how to do it when the world seems to be an unhealthy place, from many vantage points. By creating and maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit, it is possible to avoid external influences that try to counteract this. Every day offers the opportunity to develop and sustain a healthy life, so do not waste one more minute with unhealthy habits.

1. From a spiritual standpoint, prayer can have a big influence on health. Research shows that people who pray daily have lower levels of stress hormones, which allows them to live longer, age well, and cope with adversity. People who have faith and pray have a better quality of life and are happier.
2. Following the spiritual line of thought, the Bible provides fundamental principles for spiritual, mental, and physical health. Read it in the context of how to care for the body and improve health.
3. Nutrition is a major component of health and can either harm or heal the body. Eat lots of lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, seeds, and nuts. Avoid high-cholesterol, fatty, and processed foods. Indulge in some dark chocolate and a glass of red wine if the lifestyle permits.
4. Though eating healthy is recommended, eating a lot can pack on the pounds. To keep the waistline trim and the mental outlook bright, exercise regularly. Exercise combats medical issues like circulation problems, bone loss, and high blood pressure. Light to moderate exercise on a regular basis improves physical, emotional, and mental health.
5. Our bodies and brains need seven to nine hours of sleep each night. While we sleep, our cells rejuvenate and we recharge mentally and emotionally. Sleep deprivation puts our health at risk, making us susceptible to conditions like anxiety, depression, Type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.
6. To be happier, we should express gratitude on a regular basis. People who are grateful feel less stressed and depressed and more optimistic, vibrant, and satisfied with life. Being thankful increases the capacity to empathize with others and be helpful and generous.
7. Forgiveness is another trait that leads to improved health. No one is perfect and at one point, each of us will say or do something that hurts another, creating a cycle that perpetuates itself. Holding grudges against others or ourself creates an unhealthy mindset, causes faith to falter, and can compromise physical health.
8. To avoid hurting others and help steer ourselves in the right direction, we should think and say positive things. Positive thoughts lead to positive words, which result in a positive life.
9. When it seems difficult to find the positive side of life, we should focus on other people. By serving others, we help them and gain an appreciation for life.
10. During each situation we encounter, we should determine what we can control and what we cannot. By working on what we have control over and can change, we surrender what we cannot, resulting in less worry.

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