10 Things That Inspire Me

For most people, it is very easy to get stuck in a routine and lose that important zest for life. When the daily grind starts to make me feel like a hamster on a wheel, it is important to take a step back and find a source of inspiration. Even when it seems like all of my energy and motivation are drained, there are a few simple things that do the trick every time.

• Watching children play – As we grow up, it becomes more and more difficult for most of us to remember what it was like to be completely carefree. Watching children playing is a great way to recapture that sense of fun, imagination and adventure that is lacking in the lives of so many adults.
• Quotes – When it seems like nobody else could possible understand what you are going through, a good quote can provide a sense of solidarity. Try flipping through well-loved books or listening to a favorite song to find the words that will touch your heart and perk up your spirit.
• Volunteering – From time to time, everyone has a tendency to get wrapped up in his or her own problems. Volunteering to help those who are less fortunate can be a great reminder to count your blessings and be grateful for all of the good things in your life.
• People Watching – Simply sitting on a park bench and watching the people go by can be an amazing source of inspiration. To flex your creative muscles, try making up stories about where each person is going to and coming from.
• Reality TV Shows – Sure, some reality TV is not worth the time it takes to watch it but there are many shows that are truly inspirational. Watching someone lose one hundred pounds or completely redecorate their home can motivate many of us to get off of the couch and start pursuing our own goals.
• Spending Time with Friends – When we feel uninspired, it is easy for many of us to start feeling down about ourselves. Spending time with a good friend is often the perfect remedy because they are willing and able to reflect the best version of ourselves back to us.
• Making Lists – When there are just too many things that need to be done, making lists and crossing things off of them can be a great source of inspiration. Those who are feeling extra ambitious may even want to inspire themselves with a bucket list of lifetime goals!
• A Warm And Fuzzy Folder – When people start to feel underappreciated, it can be difficult for them to remember compliments or thanks that they have received in the past. Start a warm and fuzzy folder and fill it up with things like thank you notes or positive work evaluations. Pull them out on tough days for a little pick me up.
• Exercise – Getting a good work out in is a great way to start feeling strong and capable of accomplishing anything!
• Writing – When it seems impossible to get the creative juices flowing, a simply stream of consciousness often does the trick. Just start writing and see what comes out!

After days, months or even years of the same routine, shaking things up can start to feel like an impossible task. However, the best sources of inspiration are often right at home or just outside the front door. Instead of giving in to the doldrums, try out one of these ideas to get inspired and make a change!

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