Balancing Job and Health

Being healthy does not simply mean exercising and eating a balanced diet. It also refers to a person's mental health, and there are many actions a person can take to remain mentally healthy. For those who are busy with long workweeks understand what it is like to experience stress and feeling overworked. This can definitely take a toll on the physical health of the body as well. When you are not too busy being consumed with work, consider a few tips for a better "you."

Always make sure to build some sort of personal time into a schedule. This can be downtime of any sort, depending on what a particular person finds relaxing. Scheduling in time to hang out with the family, go on a date, or attend a sporting event with friends will give a person something to anticipate with excitement. This will encourage you to manage your time wisely so there will be no need to cancel as well as boost the mood for the event itself.

In addition to this, try to cut out any activities that may subconsciously be exhausting. For example, if there is a self-centered friend who is constantly complaining and you eat lunch with them regularly, cut down on or avoid these dates in order to keep yourself in higher spirits. Also, do not take on any work you cannot handle--like last-minute babysitting or running an errand for a friend. It is important to think about oneself once in a while.

Think of ways to save time so that spare time is more frequent. Perhaps one night a week, hire a babysitter to allow for some alone time with a spouse, or order groceries online and have them delivered to save a trip. It is possible to have free time to do the things one wants to do, but in some cases, some aspects of the schedule need to be moved around a bit. This need not be done in excess, but even a few extra hours per week can make all the difference in relieving stress.

Anyone who is feeling overworked can benefit from exercise--even if it is only for a half-hour every other day. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins that will help to relieve stress and put you in a better mood. In addition, it is a great way to acquire a night's sleep that leaves a person feeling rested rather than more tired. Of course, the health benefits that come with exercise are also something no one should miss.

Finally, in order to work many hours and yet remain healthy, always find time to relax or sleep. Even a small amount of relaxation can provide a person with enough time to organize his or her thoughts and tasks, and being organized can make a busy day that much easier. In addition, being well-rested for a long day will make it much easier to take on. In the end, being rested and relaxing will reduce stress and increase energy.

The effects of stress can be more serious than one might expect. Tension headaches, loss of appetite, moodiness, sluggishness, irritability--these are just some of the things that could occur from stress. It may seem impossible for those who lead busy lives to find time for their health. While it may be difficult, it is certainly not impossible, and it should be at the top of the list of a working person's priorities.

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