Brainstorming For Inspiration

Whether someone needs to be inspired spiritually, artistically or emotionally, getting the ball rolling can be a challenge. Brainstorming is a great way to get started, but there are many people who do not even know how to begin that process. The good news is that brainstorming for inspiration is not only effective, it can often be a lot of fun.


One of the simplest and most popular ways of brainstorming for inspiration is to keep a journal. Some shy away from this option because they do not believe that they have anything to write about that is interesting. Remember that the journal is not meant to entertain anyone but simply to keep a record of inspirational ideas. Try writing a simple stream of consciousness to get started, simply writing down anything that comes to mind.


Another great brainstorming technique when it comes to being inspired is doing a bit of people watching. It is said that everyone has a story and this is never more evident than when sitting on a park bench and watching the people go by. Try to notice little things, such as the way they walk or interact with the environment around them. This can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing and become inspired with brilliant ideas.


Looking through old photographs can be a great source of inspiration, and they do not even have to be your own. Many antique shops have boxes full of vintage photographs and many of them hold amazing images. When looking through the photographs, try to imagine who the people in them might be and what it might have been like to take a walk in their shoes.


Sometimes, when we begin to feel uninspired, it is because we are too caught up in our own narrow perspective. A great way to break out of this rut is to talk to someone slightly older than we are as well as someone from a much older generation. Ask them what their day-to-day routine is like, what they think about current events, and about their hopes and feare. This is a great exercise for remembering that there are viewpoints other than your own, which is inspiring in and of itself.


It may seem simple, but reading the newspaper is a great way to start brainstorming inspirational ideas. When we get wrapped up in our own lives, we sometimes become unaware of things that are happening right outside of our front doors. We may not always have time to go out exploring, but we can certainly pick up a newspaper and read about the exciting and inspirational events that are taking place all around us.


When people start to feel like they are lacking inspiration, it often just takes a bit of brainstorming to get them back on track. There are amazing sources of inspiration all around and fun ways to start exploring them. Often, the solution lies in the exploration of another point of view, whether that is by reading the paper, talking to someone different, or looking through old pictures.

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