Fun Ideas that Inspire Me

You may not believe it, but everyone has a creative side. Even the most logical of people can get in touch with their right brain in order to let the artistic abilities flow. Someone who wants to create a piece of art but has no idea where to start, or an artist who is drawing a blank on what to do next, might just need a gentle push in the right direction. Here are some fun ideas for artistic outlets that inspire me to make something new.


Collages are always a lot of fun, and it may appeal to new artists because they do not require a lot of handiwork. Rather than something that requires a keen eye for lighting and texture such as drawing or painting, collages allow a person to create something beautiful simply by cutting and gluing. Whether it is a collage of loved ones, a piece of abstract art made from different prints, or something with your own theme, it is a great beginner's way to get creative.


A great way of releasing creativity, getting inspired and boosting your mood is to find inspirational quotes and incorporate them into daily life. There are so many famous quotes that can be found which can help a person to think more positively or deeply--and you might even be able to come up with some of your own! Paint these onto canvases or simply put them on sticky notes around the home to have creativity surrounding you.


Really, anyone can make a painting--think Jackson Pollock. It does not necessarily even have to be of anything in particular; it can be abstract, with which anyone can have fun. Get your hands on a canvas and some colors that complement each other but also suit your tastes. Then, using brushes, sponges, things with texture, or even just your fingers, go wild creating abstract shapes and splatters that end up looking quite beautiful!


Whenever I have a camera in my hand, I feel inspired. This can really be true for anyone. Literally looking through a lens can help a person to see beauty in unlikely places. Snap some candid shots of loved ones or take some landscape photos of your favorite outdoor area. Then, use a computer to play around with colors, put them on a piece of matte paper, or pick out fun frames as new decorations for the home!


Even cooking is a fun idea that can inspire anyone. No one ever said recipes had to be followed; especially in pastry baking, it is easy to get creative and make something personalized. Choose your favorite flavors and mix them together via frosting and cake in order to make a delicious, one-of-a-kind cupcake. You may also want to get your hands on some frosting extruders and create fun designs on the tops in many different colors.


Inspiration is truly everywhere. Even the most left-brained person can find a way that is suitable for them to get creative. No one necessarily needs to know how to draw a person or sculpt a piece of pottery. There are so many different forms of art out there that anyone can let the creativity flow though any medium that suits them--this could be paint, food, cutouts, photography...the list goes on!

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