Getting In Shape…Keys for Starting Being Successful

Today, more than ever, there is a huge emphasis on getting back in shape. America has been touted as the most obese society in the world. Up until recently, American's had done very little to counter that observation. Our kids have been getting lazier and lazier and a walk around any neighborhood showed more obese individuals than those that were in shape.

Over the past decade, people have started to realize that it is time to change the perception not only for perceptions sake, but also for the various health benefits of getting back in shape. Along with improving your chances of a longer and healthier life, there are also monetary benefits concerning doctor bills, medications, and reduced insurance rates. For someone just starting out, though, even these benefits may not be enough to motivate them to stick with their plan.

When first trying to get back into shape, you need to be realistic about what you are going to achieve and in what time frame. To say you want to lose 75 pounds is great, however, with it being such a large target, you are better off starting out with smaller goals that will eventually lead to that initial target. Give yourself small windows along the way that will enable you to celebrate these victories on your way to the final goal.

Another key to success when trying to get back into shape is in getting past the pain threshold. It does not matter if you are using weights, running, cycling, or doing a home workout video, you are going to hurt in places you never thought possible when you first start back up. Whatever you do, do not give into the pain. Get up and stay on schedule every day and after a few weeks, that pain will subside and you can start to push yourself a bit more.

As you progress, do not be afraid to reset your goals. For instance, let's go back to that 75-pound goal. If you had originally planned to lose 25 pounds in the first 60 days but upon your weigh in find out that you have only lost 18, do not be upset. Actually, this is still worth celebrating! You lost 18 pounds and are well on your way. Maybe your original goals were too aggressive, but you now have a better idea of what you are capable of doing. Redo your plan and continue with the new goals.

Something else you are going to need is a strong support system. There are going to be times when you simply lose the desire to continue. This is not uncommon, as you can hit a plateau or just lose interest because you are not seeing the exact results you had hoped for when starting out. Have someone there that is informed of your progress that can keep you motivated, especially during the tougher times. It will have to be someone strong that can stand up to you and a negative attitude at times, and that will force you to move forward. Find this person, and you increase your chances of success tenfold!

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