Helping Others Helps Me

It is common for people to reach a point in their lives where they are seeking something a bit more fulfilling. The day-to-day routine can, for some, become a bit overwhelming and, to be frank, a bit disheartening. One of the best ways to lead a life that is more rewarding is to put oneself in a position that makes it possible to assist others. There are, of course, many ways to go about this, but here are a few examples for ideas.


Many people do not realize that fiscal or material rewards are often not very satisfying to receive. The excitement of purchasing or earning them can be very short-lived, and there is a part of the psyche that cannot be set at ease by material items. Assisting another person who is unfortunate for whatever reason, however, provides a sense of fulfillment that cannot be achieved any other way.


One example of a time in which helping others helped me is in high school. I was involved with an organization that was heavily based on volunteering in the community. Around Christmas one year, we collected holiday gifts for children whose families were financially incapable of giving them any. We collected, wrapped, and delivered gifts, and a great sense of reward came from seeing the relief and excitement in the faces of the parents and knowing the children would be excited.


Tutoring is another thing that has offered a sense of satisfaction in my life. Teaching a person to do something for himself is a priceless gift, as it will encourage him to be self-sufficient from that point forward. Everyone has their intellectual fortes, and by sharing yours with another person, you are helping them to understand something and see things differently. In the end, you are helping that person to excel.


There are many places a person can volunteer simply to engage with those who are less fortunate or in need of social interaction. I once volunteered at a soup kitchen in order to feed those who could not afford food that week. However, for some, I ended up lending an ear and hearing some stories. It is often those in less fortunate situations that have the most experience, and by giving back, I really learned a thing or two.


The same is true of volunteering in a senior citizen's home. Though these people are living in an assisted environment, one should never dismiss the potential of their intellects and personalities. Simply by organizing a game of bingo with the seniors, I allowed them to socially engage which made me smile as much as it did them. I also got to hear some words of wisdom and have some very intelligent conversations.


So many different types of priceless rewards come with helping a person. The passing on of knowledge and understanding leaves a person with the reward of helping another move forward, to learn, to create, and to continue the chain of shared information. The assistance of less fortunate people, in addition, is a great life experience that can open one's eyes to a new perspective.

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