I’m Not Inspired Unless I Am Having Fun

It is tough to get inspired if you are doing something that you simply do not enjoy. The trick in any situation is to make it fun, regardless of how you feel about it. So how can you become inspired by something you do not like or do not enjoy? Mind games my friend, mind games.


Learning how to make the most of a bad situation will go a long way in helping you become inspired in the worst of conditions. There is always something good to be taken out of an experience, sometimes you just have to look a little deeper inside the task to actually locate it. I do not care what you are doing, if you look hard enough, there is something in there that will put a smile on your face.


Sometimes, we have to do things we do not like or enjoy in an effort to get to the next step. Use that next step as your inspiration to enjoy what is happening right now. For instance, you are working on a weekend to make extra money for a trip for you and your significant other. You hate being there, but as a result, you are that much closer or making that trip happen.


Gather some pictures of the location of the trip. Put them in your desk, tape one to the side of the computer or on the wall of your cubicle. When the job becomes a bit much or you fall into a rut, take a minute to close your eyes and literally go away to your happy place. Realize that this one miserable Saturday will lead to a week on the beach with your favorite person, sipping cocktails, and enjoying the sun while everyone else is working.


You also need to find ways to make the tasks that put you down in the dumps fun. Make fun wagers with coworkers that will pep everyone up. For instance, maybe you are cleaning the office or the storage room. Assign everyone sections and make a bet that the first one done gets to pick the music station for the next hour. Watch everyone start to pick up the pace and actually start to enjoy working quicker and more efficiently.


Music is a great motivator in many situations. Now, we realize that it is not acceptable in every work scenario, but there is nothing wrong with humming your favorite tune or merely singing it in your head. By associating your favorite song with a task that is not so enjoyable, you may find the inspiration to get through it. Heck, you may even enjoy it a bit the next time around because of this little trick!


If everyone became completely uninspired because they did not like what they were doing, I cannot imagine where the world would be right now. The most successful people in the world have found a way to take some joy in evenĀ  the most mundane and hated tasks. Dig deep, find a way to enjoy it, trick your mind if you have to, but find a way to make every task fun and you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

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