Success Is Built One Step at a Time

Regardless of the task at hand, it is a good idea to set up small goals in order to achieve the ultimate goal successfully. Doing so allows you to celebrate small victories along the way and stay focused on your ultimate goal. Otherwise, you may set the bar too high and lose interest in it even though you are well on the way to being successful.

Write Down Your Goal

Before starting your new task, write down what you want to accomplish on paper. Is it to get your driving license, to start your own business, to ride a century, to run a marathon? It does not really matter what it is, you just need to get it on paper so it can begin to sink it as to what you are actually trying to accomplish. Merely looking at the goal is often enough for people to realize this is something that will take some planning.

Set Up Realistic Progress Points or Steps to Success

If your goal is to ride in the next local bike club century, you are obviously not going to be able to do it overnight. In addition to the riding, there are factors such as your diet plan that may need adjusting. After all, you will not be able to go 100 miles on the bike if you are living off pizza and beer every weekend.

Once you get everything down on paper, you may find that your initial goals look completely unrelated to the actual final goal. Again, in this example, your first step might be to seek out the help of a nutritionist or to set up a doctor's appointment. From there, it might be taking your bike to the local shop for a tune-up. The next step might be to buy whatever equipment and clothing you need in order to just start riding properly.

Making Adjustments

It is rather unlikely your plan will come together 100 percent all the way through the process. Setting up the plan in these smaller steps will give you plenty of time to re evaluate the situation and adjust as necessary. This is not always a negative adjustment, either, as you may find your progress is moving along quicker than anticipated. Therefore, you just might be able to move the timetable up instead of holding true or moving it backwards.

Reward Yourself at Every Stage

It does not matter how old we get, we all love a treat when we hit our goals. In the workforce, the treat might be a raise. As a kid, the treat might be an allowance increase or a video game. Set rewards up for yourself as you go along. Start out small, and then increase the reward to dangle that carrot out in front of you to keep you motivated. When you do hit a goal, live it up a little and celebrate your victory, but keep the celebration short lived, as there is still work to be done!

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